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History of Philanthropy

Included below are a number of the most famous Philanthropists from Northern Ireland. Thanks go to The Ulster History Circle for access to their detailed archives. Further information can be obtained at http://www.ulsterhistory.co.uk

If you know of someone who should be included in the list below, please forward details through on the contact page.


History of Philanthropy in NI

Barney Hughes
Master Baker and Philanthropist 1808-1878
Dr James Deeny
Public Health Pioneer 1906-1994
Dr James McDonnell
Physician 1763-1845
E. Godfrey Brown
Musician 1874-1955
Ezekiel Donnell
Industrialist, Polemicist and Philanthropist 1822-1896
Philanthropist and Business Man, died 1903
Frances Joseph Bigger
Antiquarian 1863-1926
Artist 1895-1974
George Sigerson
Physician, Professor, Writer, Gael 1836-1925
Gustave Wilhelm Wolff
Shipbuilder 1834-1913
John Harold Hewitt
Poet 1907-1987
Martha Magee
Benefactor of Magee College Londonderry 1755-1846
Paul Rodgers
Shipbuilder 1834-1901
Sir Edward Coey
Mayor of Belfast and Philanthropist 1805-1887
Sir Henry Lawrence
Founder of Lawrence Schools, India (1806-1857)
Sir Otto Jaffe
Lord Mayor of Belfast and Philanthropist 1846 - 1929
Sir Richard Wallace
Philanthropist and Art Collector 1818-1890
Sir Samuel Kelly
Coal Importer and Philanthropist 1897-1937
Sir Tyrone Guthrie
Broadcaster and Theatre Director 1900-1971
Sir William McArthur
Lord Mayor of London and Founding President of the London Chamber of Commerce 1809-1887
Sir William Whitla
Physician and Philanthropist 1851-1933
William Crolly, Archbishop of Armagh
Archbishop of Armagh 1780-1849
William Gibson plaque
Goldsmith and Philanthropist 1838-1913
Patrons of the Arts and Entrepreneurs Zoltan 1894-1961, Anny 1908-1999