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NI Philanthropy Fortnight 2017

NI Philanthropy Fortnight 2017

Diverse programme for fifth annual celebration of philanthropy

The famed generosity of the people of Northern Ireland past, present and future will be in the spotlight during the fifth annual Philanthropy Fortnight from May 8-19.


A diverse programme of events was unveiled at Clifton House at the launch of this annual celebration of charitable giving. 


For the full Philanthropy Fortnight 2017 programme click here.



The programme explores many aspects of philanthropy including the importance of its heritage, legacy fund-raising, the particular role of women and young people in charity and the importance of philanthropy to the arts.


Philanthropy Fortnight involves close collaboration between a range of partner organisations including Giving Northern Ireland, Belfast Charitable Society, Arts & Business, the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, NI Environment Link, Will to Give and the Fermanagh Trust.


Sandara Kelso-Robb, Chief Executive of Giving Northern Ireland, said the diversity of the programme and the breadth of organisations involved reflect the need to unlock more philanthropic funding at a time when funding streams Are being cut or significantly reduced.


She added: “This year’s programme is varied and challenging, exploring the importance of philanthropy in today’s increasingly complex society. All of us are acutely aware of the proud traditions of philanthropy in Northern Ireland but we are also looking to the future, exploring the latest global trends.”


Highlights of Philanthropy Fortnight include:

·         Legacy Fundraising hosted by Will to Give, May 9

·         Women and Philanthropy hosted by Giving Northern Ireland and Women in Business, May 10

·         Safe Spaces Dinner hosted by Giving Northern Ireland and Belfast Charitable Society, May 11

·         Professional Advisors Breakfast hosted by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, May 11.

·         Philanthropy and the Arts looking at the Tyneside Cinema, an independent charity, hosted by Arts and Business, May 16.

·         Youth and Philanthropy hosted by the Fermanagh Trust, May 17

·         Heritage and Philanthropy hosted by Belfast Charitable Society and QUB, May 18.


For the full Philanthropy Fortnight 2017 programme click here.