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Philanthropy Press - CAF World Giving Index 2017

Charities Aid Foundation releases this year’s World Giving Index

The CAF World Giving Index measures people giving to good causes, volunteering, and helping strangers. In 2017’s report,  the UK’s position fell from eighth to eleventh place. This is in line with a wider trend, which saw the global index fall slightly on 2016 with donating money and helping a stranger down 1.8 percentage points, and volunteering down 0.8 percentage points.

According to CAF, although the fall is global, the decline is most noticeable among developed nations. Only six of the G20 countries appear in the top 20 and all experienced a decline in their World Giving Index score. The USA, the UK and Australia all fell three places, and despite remaining in fourth, New Zealand saw a two percentage point decrease in its score.

How the UK scored

The UK’s World Giving Score was 50%, with 58% of respondents saying they had helped a stranger in the preceding month, while 64% had donated money, and 28% had volunteered.

However, while Britain fell three places, the CAF Index suggests that its result may have been affected by the timing of this year’s survey, which took place in January and February last year, before key fundraising campaigns, which account for an uplift in giving each year.

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