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Angel Eyes NI

It started with12 Belfast based parents getting together for a toddler morning, talking and listening to each other's experiences they provided each other with much needed emotional support and quickly identified that while they were in the same boat, the services and support they received were very different. Over the following 12 months a further 50 families were in touch and in 2008 Angel Eyes NI was formed. In 2009 we registered the charity and now support some 500 families across Northern Ireland. There is still however much to do with a total of 1200 families affected. We believe that every blind and partially sighted child in Northern Ireland should have equal opportunities in life to fully achieve their dreams, aspirations and potential. Our aim is to provide the parents and their families with the tools to empower them to create a future for their child to realise their full potential. We combine a range of services from emotional support, timely information and practical help,to ensure parents are supported through every step of their child's life