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Rosie's Trust

At Rosie’s Trust we aim to alleviate the stresses and anxieties experienced by animal owners who find themselves no longer able to care for their companion pets in a practical way. People who are terminally ill, suffering the side effects of acute cancer treatment or elderly often find themselves simply too weak or frail to carry out the basic tasks needed to ensure the welfare and happiness of their pet is maintained.This can cause considerable stress and distress for both the owner and their pet. These circumstances can lead to the owner having to eventually ‘give up’ the pet and in so doing experience a tremendous loss and feeling of guilt – which can only add to their already difficult life changing circumstances. Our volunteers assist Service Users to do the practical tasks with their pets for example: Walking the dog Vet visits Feeding Cat and small animal care We are also recruiting a network of volunteers who will offer foster homes for pets whose owners need to temporarily go to hospices or hospitals and long term adoption homes when the owner is no longer with us.